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About us


Hi there! I am Minna Hirvi, the founder of FlyingFysio, a physiotherapist and a flight attendant from Helsinki, Finland. My passion is strength training of all kind and my mission is to help workers in aviation and other physically demanding jobs to perform better in their jobs and to prevent work-related musculoskeletal disorders. I am familiar with the challenges physical work, narrow and inconvenient workspaces and irregular working hours as well as layover times and places may bring to a worker’s life.

In addition to physical health and muscle strength I value overall health.  A strict line between the physical aspect and other aspects of health cannot be drawn, which is why I also write about mental health, recovery and nutrition in my blog.

I have done lots of different sports such as ballet dancing, ice skating, horseback riding and swimming as a kid but my main focus was always on gymnastics, which was my favorite and which I did for ten years. After my gymnastics career had come to an end I had to find something else, so in 2012 I started going to the gym.

My first workouts (if you can even call them that, haha) were not so effective, since I would just hustle in the ab crunch machine for 15 minutes and then go do a few leg abductions in the corner where nobody could see me. Luckily I have learnt a lot more and nowadays I am confident in what I do and I know how to train and behave at the gym. We all have to start somewhere, remember that.


Let me also introduce you to my faithful assistant, friend and housemate Pate. He is a little bit shy and a not so talkative light weight contestant, who is always eager to take part in FlyingFysio’s projects. He is specialized in demonstrating human anatomy and body functions. Pate is currently trying to gain some muscle mass and he has made slow and steady progress.

How did it all start?

My interest towards sports guided me to study physiotherapy after high school. After a few years of working as a physiotherapist I started looking for a job where I could use my language skills and get to see new places and meet people from different cultures. Soon I found myself leaving my nine-to-five job to become part of an airline’s cabin crew in spring 2019.

Working in a physical job requires adequate strength and fitness and through my own work experience I noticed that working as cabin crew was no exception. I had conversations with many awesome colleagues about this subject and I found out that I might have something to offer to them and everyone else who works in a physical job. I thought I could start giving encouragement, practical tips and targeted information about how to exercise and take care of the body in order to prevent musculoskeletal disorders. That’s when I came up with FlyingFysio and a new way of approaching wellbeing at work. Now I am at a point where I can combine both of my occupations in a creative way and start offering help to individuals as well as companies.

Minna Hirvi


  • Cabin crew training course 2019
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy 2017

Completed courses

  • Neck, Shoulder and Thoracic spine workshop
  • PuheJudo 1
  • Kinesthetics course
  • Logotherapy course
  • Basics of sports physiotherapy course
  • Basics of kinesio taping course
  • Group exercise instructor basic course
  • Level 1 gymnastics instructor