Work Hard, Train Wiser

Strength training is not for athletes only nor do you have to be  superhuman to gain some muscles. Do you find strength training boring? It’s not if you just give it a chance. With some sweat and effort it’s possible for everyone to become stronger. It’s possible for you too!

Strength training is medicine to so many aches and problems but only a few take it regularly, if at all. Why is that? A few decent workouts a week, when done regularly, are enough to obtain a good physical foundation. The Finnish UKK-Institute has made guidelines to health-enhancing physical activity for adults. They recommend at least two weekly strength training sessions for everyone aged between 18 and 64.

To get results that help you not only in your everyday life but also in your work life, I highly recommend to create or get someone to create you a training plan that takes both of those parts of life into account. Your job might have some physical demands that you need to address in your training. Below you can find a chart called the Flight Method where I demonstrate how workers in physically demanding jobs can, by their own actions, prevent possible musculoskeletal disorders.

This method is the foundation of FlyingFysio. White text demonstrates the stages of a flight from the airplane’s parking spot to landing. These steps are crucial to every flight and in order to the flight to succeed, none of them can be skipped. Black text demonstrates the equivalent steps in preventing musculoskeletal disorders in workers’ everyday life.

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